We ask you a few questions and build you a custom app based on your business and your preferences.

Smartphone users spend 88% of their time using a mobile app versus 12% that use a website. Reach many more new customers with your new app! Communicate directly with customers on their smart phones to send promotions, share special offers, make appointments and reminders, etc. With your mobile app, you are not just selling more but also building customer loyalty.

We give you a dashboard that allows you to customize the look of your app as well as monitor customer usage and behavior. Possibilities are endless. You can start with sharing articles with your customers and show your expertise. You can also do promotions, share coupons and special offers to visit and revisit your stores. Your app will also have Click to call and Click to email option to connect with you. Needless to say that you can drive sales with online store, easy payments and order processing.

Your first payment will be applied to your credit card 30 days after the day your app is submitted for publication to AppInteract. Subsequent payments will be automatically applied on the same date monthly or annually, depending on the subscription plan selected.

We provide a wide range of features that are specific to your business type. For example, if you run a restaurant, you‘ll get all the features relevant to the food industry available on AppInteract without an additional fee.

You have a choice in publishing to whatever store you wish. With AppInteract, you have the choice to: 1) download files to publish to the app stores on your own or 2) provide your App Developer account information and our team can submit your app package on your behalf.

$499.99 for an annual subscription or $49.99 monthly.

Your customers will receive unlimited, free copies of each app that you create. There’s no limit to the number of different apps you can build with us. The creation and payment process is the same for all apps you create.

Your app will be searchable in the Apple, Android, and Windows app stores. Usually, customers find your app because you’ve let them know it is available.

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us. At the end of the cancellation month, all auto-renewal charges will cancel.

At cancellation, your customers will lose the ability to launch the app and use its functionality. Appinteract will store your app for 90 days from the date you cancel your subscription in case you decide to reinstate your subscription and. restore your app’s functionality. After 90 days, your app will be removed from our system and you will no longer have access to it.

Support is free for all AppInteract users and we value feedback on your experience. Feel free to send us your questions or feedback here. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

We guarantee no hidden charges and no price changes for 12 months from the time you start your subscription.

We offer a 10-day grace period for monthly plans and a 30-day grace period for yearly plans. If your payment options have changed, please contact us here.

AppInteract Questions

Click on ‘Get Started’ on the homepage and follow the five easy steps.

Yes, AppInteract does not publish your app in the AppIe, Android or Windows app stores. Additional charges will apply. Apple charges $99 annually, Google Play charges a one time fee of $25 and Windows charges a fee of $12.

AppInteract can assist in the publishing of your app in Apple, Android, and Windows app stores by providing you downloadable files so you can install your app in the Google Play Android, Apple iOS and Windows stores respectively. Alternately, if you provide us your App Developer account and password on either the Google, Apple and/or Windows stores, we can submit your app package on your behalf.

Your app will be searchable in the Apple, Android, and Windows app stores. Help your customers find your app by letting them know it is available.

You can add functionality by logging into your account at www.appinteract.com , navigate to your Dashboard. Now, click on the 'Edit' icon for the App on the Dashboard, and go to the 'Features' tab where you can add or remove functionality.

Add the 'Store' feature / functionality - that will add the ability to use the 'Shopping Cart'.

Please contact us for this information.

You can change the look and feel of your app by logging into your account at www.appinteract.com and clicking on the “Appearance” tab. Please be aware that some of these choices may require that you republish your app in order to make the added functionality available to your customers.

We currently publish your app to the Android, Apple, and Windows phones and tablets.

You can create and manage your app on a desktop or laptop. To use the mobile application, you and your customers will need an Apple, Android, or Windows phone or tablet.

We will notify you when your app is ready to be downloaded in the app stores. You can also see the status of your app publishing process logging into your account at www.appinteract.com and visiting your “Dashboard”.

It generally takes two to three weeks to have your app published on the Android, Apple and Windows app stores before your app is available for download.

Yes, you can create your app using either Windows or Mac devices.

You can get the application on a Windows phone or tablet by going to the Windows App Store, searching for your app name, and downloading the app.

No. Currently all applications are free of charge to download.

No. Currently we do not provide this feature. Your app will be available to anyone accessing Android, Apple and Windows app stores.

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